Daily Practice | Day 1


This has been a long time coming. The very first time I was navigated over to Flickr, I immediately fell in love. There before me was a 365 project that I would later learn was the work of then-student (now world celebrated) photographer, Rosie Hardy. Every day I was amazed with the dedication and creativity expressed, and later the progression and development of her composition, technical aspects, and all around talent.

Since that time I’ve followed many a 365 project with the lusty admiration of a self-benched kid on the sideline of his favorite sport. There are so many aspects of photography I want to explore and experiment with, but truth be told I don’t often get out my camera at all actually. Like ever. Unless I’m hired. Or someone asks me to. Or I really, REALLY, REALLY make up my mind to.

So then I go through these phases. We might refer to them as the thirty minutes before bed that I decide tomorrow is the day I’m going to take at least one picture every single day for at least a year. On very rare occasions that thirty minute phase is followed by an hour phase where I actually commit to a photo project and set out to begin. There is no phase after that because I’ve never made it more than one photo.

(Just so there’s no secrets between us, I’ll tell you all that there will be two posts today. Day 1 AND day 2. Yeah, I didn’t trust myself enough to post this yesterday because I didn’t have faith I’d make a day 2. But I did.)

And so here we are. Actually trying to get this party started: Day 1


Today (alright, so yesterday), I was focusing on working in full sun. As long as we’re sharing secrets I’ll let you in to the depths of my heart. I freaking hate full sun. But you can’t ALWAYS find ways out of it. Sometimes you’ve got to take some sun flare  and make lemonade. Figuratively speaking, of course. At the end of the day: maybe me and the sun can be on speaking terms after all.


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