Daily Practice | Day 5




I got up bright and early this morning, excited to shoot a new idea I had for a conceptual photograph. I did shoot it and was excited for it, but after beginning post-production quickly realized the way that it was shot would not look the way I intended. Hopefully I’ll be able to re-shoot and share that idea with you all soon. Until then I thought I’d share some of my non-photography related loves for today’s daily photo.

Firstly, it’s fall. Which means I can shamelessly knit without receiving any “It’s summer why are you knitting?!” comments. It also means I’ve begun the homemade Christmas gift making process. You guys, this is the season I live for.

Secondly, that book. Ah, that book. If you’re wondering it is a 1937 edition of The Art of Cooking and Serving. A dear Aunt of mine sent me several boxes of old cookbooks, magazines, and household guides from several different eras and I have been beyond enthused to go through them all. The eighty year old librarian in me is fascinated by anything containing glimpses into the past from a first hand account (yes even if that glimpse is to tell you the only acceptable way to set a table in the household without servants). Besides, it also includes a recipe for a Lady Baltimore cake- and how fancy is that?

And finally, that quilt. That quilt is part of what I associate with home. Easily listed among my top five favorite wedding presents, that quilt made with love hand-stitched into the binding.  It was given to me by same Aunt as mentioned above. When I was a child she would visit most often around Christmas time, and like cinnamon and peppermint, the scent of her perfume I will forever associate with the month of December. I hadn’t seen her in a few years and she wasn’t able to come to my wedding, but when this quilt came in the post a flood of nostalgia was mailed along with it. The combination of quaint mismatched pieces, and the “Christmas perfume” that lingered in it’s threads for several months will ensure it forever has an endearing place in my heart. Like I said- it’s part of what makes my house a home

And so, although this was not the post I was excited about this morning, I’m thankful for the opportunity to document dear things and mark the beginning of a season of dear things.


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