Daily Practice | Day 30

IMG_0452Remember two posts ago when made you all jealous of that really awesome sister of mine? Yeah, well, this post is sort of about her too, or her offspring at least. I had the privilege to meet up with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephews last weekend in Mackinac City, MI, but was also surprised by being able to also see my mother. Although I had spoken to both of them about meeting up, I was lead to believe my mom wouldn’t be able to make it due to the upcoming elections- (she’s a county clerk… have you hugged your county clerk today?). After she dried my tears of shock and joy we were able to grab a few photos, eat lunch and hangout.

So much joy, so much joy.


IMG_0529and now, as any adoring aunt would, I’m going to brag about write about those three handsome dudes featured above.

There’s Jack Tyler

Untitled-2Crazy boy. Wildly unhindered imagination. You’re too loud and too silly. I don’t mind though, you know that. You were the first baby I ever really held and you’ve held my heart ever since. I love hearing the things you think of, your stories and your dreams. I know you’re different and I love you for it. Crazy boy, wild boy, you keep me dreaming.

Next is Archer Zander:

archerSweet boy. Handsome boy. You’re going to get tired of hearing about your beautiful eyes someday, but boy they are beautiful. No picture could really do those eyelashes justice, but you know I’ll keep trying. Your humor is the best and I love your reenactment of “what does the fox say?”, “I don’t care, I love it”, and of course your “moves like Mick Jagger”. Of course that hardcore metal face up there ^ is pretty good too.  Sweet boy, handsome boy, I don’t care- I love you.

And last, but not least: Hudson Korben


You goofy baby. Roly-poly one. I hope you always stay your size and let me cuddle you and kiss your chubby cheeks. Sigh. But I know you won’t. You’ll grow up to be some adventurous spirit and fill your lungs with raucous laughter and your feet with unbridled dancing. I know, because that’s already true about you. But for now I’ll happily enjoy your babyness. Your BIG BIG “ROOOOOAR!”‘s and your “PARROT! SKWAAAACK!”‘s. Your animal noises really are superb. You’re a supreme ham, a happy actor, and a lovable baby. Stay a baby until I can come see you again, ok?

They really are the sweetest little things.


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