Daily Practice | An Explanation for a Missing 365 Project

Otherwise Retitled: A 365 Project Turned 30 Day Project, but a Lesson Nonetheless

Forty years ago, or so it seems (was it really only two months ago?), I started this project to push myself to get the camera out and practice every single day. You can read about the decision behind it here. I’ve been intending to write out an eloquent explanation on where that plan went wrong and ask for your forgiveness on behalf of my abandonment making promises for a more diligent future between us. However, I feel that the jist can be summed up in the words of Sweet Brown.


No, but really.

Right at the thirty day mark of my project I made a last minute decision to go on a trip to LaCrosse, WI for a weekend. The point of that trip was to help out at a weekly youth outreach and play music while passing out candy to kids during the local Halloween event and volunteer at the Salvation Army during dinner. I had to make a quick decision to bring my camera or leave it home, and being that we would be sleeping on floors and going with the flow of the weekend I left it behind because a.) sometimes carrying $2000 worth of equipment can hold you back and b.) sometimes worrying about taking pictures keeps you from being present in the  moment. Besides point a. and b. I had been feeling a little guilty about the project from a learning standpoint. There were days that turned to nights before I had a chance to get out my camera and by that time I was exhausted and had very little time to set anything up and we ended up with this nonsense:


Which is alright I suppose. What is it though? A stump? An advertisement for the emerald ash borer from their housing department? Certainly nothing I worked for. Certainly nothing I put effort into. To be sure, there were days that I thought out ideas and put my heart into the shoot, but it didn’t end up being the norm and at that point it was wasting time. This was running through my mind as I left my gear behind for that weekend in LaCrosse and when I got back I decided it just wouldn’t be worthwhile to continue the project the same way.

I am pleased that I stuck it out, in whatever capacity, for one month. I am pleased with the perseverance there, that I haven’t been able to contrive before. I would like to try again, but that time is not now. I can say that my camera is out much more than it used to be and that is worth something. I can say that my eyes are seeing many more opportunities and ideas come more easily than they had been and that, too, is worth something.  Worth very much to me, in fact.

I don’t think there I will ever be at a place when there really is “time fo’ that”, but I do hope to try another project sometime in the near future. I’ll keep you posted on personal and professional work in the meantime. Thank you to everyone who’s offered feedback and an especial thank you to anyone who’s actually read this entire post. You guys are the best.



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