Meet the Lady


Hello friends,

I’m Riley.  I love creating everything, all the time. My mother is a talented artist, adept in many crafts. Growing up, she made sure any slight interest in any art medium was greeted with total accommodation and support, but she started me off simply enough, with pencil and paper.  My first love was drawing. Like the coolest of seven-year-olds, a hip evening for me was watching Cats (yeah, the musical) and spending hours trying to recreate the shapes in how-to-draw books and faces in magazines. Soon I exclusively drew people. People in books, people in old photos, friends and family.

Always people.

Due to the unquestioning enabling my hands have been busy drawing, painting, knitting, building, sewing, needle felting, dancing, writing, and for a brief stint, welding. I’ve always loved trying new ways to express myself creatively. By lucky accident (or divine appointment, if you’re into that sort of thing), I got the chance to try my hand at photography when a high school media class assigned a photo section where we explored different styles and ways to shoot. There I felt the same alluring pull of creating art. Soon I exclusively took pictures of people. I studied pictures in magazines, old photos, photographed friends and family.

Always People.

Though I remain a polygamous lover of many forms of arts and crafts, photography has rooted itself as a special love of mine. I think it’s the people. Because of that I prefer to shoot on the journalistic side of things, but due to my early beginnings in portrait sketching, I also strive to capture people as a friend would see them, not merely a passerby or a technical and impersonal piece of equipment. For that reason if you’d like to hire me it’s my hope that we can become friends, or at the very least amiable acquaintances, as it helps me capture the heart of why I do photography.  While I hope most people enjoy my work, I understand that I might not be the right fit for everyone. But if you have a look around and feel like we could work together, I’d love to meet and work with you. A wise man once told me “You can never take a picture, see? They have to give it to you.”  Advice that I like to remind myself before every shoot. Because it’s about capturing the moment, the memories, but most simply, the people.

It’s always about the people.


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